Lake Mead National Recreation Area

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South Cove Launch Ramp Update

Construction of launch ramp is ongoing and launching is fair! Water level is falling. Lake level is approximately 1086                   Click Lake Level  for updated information.  4-Wheel Drive Highly Recommended

Personal watercraft Rules on Lake Mead 

Following, are rules pertaining to the use of personal watercraft on Lake Mead:

* Continued personal watercraft use on 95% of the Lakes Mead and Lake Mohave

* For safety, shoreline accessibility, and social carrying capacity, the total boats allowed at any one time on Lakes Mead and Mohave will be increased to a total of 5,055.

* Establishment of 5% of the Park waters as primitive or semi-private settings.

* Primitive zones will be generally managed for non-motorized use, but in response to public access concerns, electric trolling motors will be allowed. Semi-primitive areas will be managed for flat-wake speed in all areas except Black Canyon. Personal watercraft are prohibited in primitive and semi-primitive areas (about 5 percent of Lakes Mead and Mohave).

* In response to comments from the public and requests from state agencies in Nevada and Arizona, the proposed 100-foot no-wake zone around both lakes has been revised to include a 200-foot flat-wake zone around beaches occupied by bathers, around boats at the shoreline, and persons in the water or at the shoreline. This is to establish a safe shoreline environment for shoreline users and is similar to the state of Nevada boating law. 

* The National Park Service will work with states to develop uniform boating laws and mandatory education programs. Currently, Nevada and Arizona boating laws are not uniform.

* Alcohol consumption by the operator of a boat that is underway will be prohibited.

* Water quality will be enhanced by requiring all boaters to possess a marine head or portable toilet while camping on the shoreline. Additionally, glass beverage containers and Styrofoam will be prohibited within the park.

* Personal Watercraft, ie: (Jet Skiis, Sea Doos) etc, that do not meet the Environmental Protection Agency rules for gasoline spark-ignition marine engines are prohibited on Lakes Mead and Mohave. The National Park Service now requires the exclusive use of four-stroke engines, direct-injection two-stroke engines, or the equivalent technology. The public has had almost a decade to convert to the new technology. Click: NPS for more information.


(Photos by Annie)

Hoover Dam Advisory

Boats can not approach closer than one-half mile to the dam on the downstream (river) side and approximately one mile from the dam on the upsream (resevoir) side.

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