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Most of these trips are NOT on trails and having a good map or someone who has hiked the area should be included in your hiking group. Be sure to let someone know where you ar going and what time you expect to return all means.......  


SOUTH COVE MONOLITH. To the right as you drive the last 4 miles to South Cove. The hike is only 2 1/2 miles one way, to   the top of the monolith, but is moderately difficult.

WAGON TRAIL. Start at the lookout point just to the north of Pierce Ferry Rd and Meadview Blvd and follow the trail down to the lake (6 1/2 miles). Half way down, stay to right to end up in Wagon Trail Bay, the left trail goes into Smith's Bay. Great to have a boat meet you at the lake as the 6 1/2 miles back up is a killer!

JOKER MINE - JUMBO MINE. Across the lake from South Cove is Scanlon Bay. The mine is 1 mile west with an airstrip nearby. If you continue to the west you will cross Jumbo Pass and the Jumbo Mine. Hiking further, you will reach Wild Burro Bay. This is a 7 1/2 mile hike one way. Arrange for a boat to drop you in Wild Burro Bay in the morning and pick you up in Scanlon Bay later in the day.

FOX CANYON. Turn from Pearce Ferry at mile post 26 and follow dirt road to watering place. Park and begin hike up the cliffs of Iron Mountain. The trail is faint and covered with thick catclaw. You top out in an area of weird shaped granite rocks (one looks like a dog milkbone). Eight miles round trip. You need a guide to find the trail.

GHOST DANCE MESA. One of the last ghost dances was held here in 1890 above the Diamond Bar Ranch. A short hike, but steep.

GRAPEVINE SPRINGS OVERLOOK. North of Diamond Creek Drive at Mohawk Road, the last road north in Meadview, you come to NPS road 147 (Reservoir Road). Follow this road 3 miles. A deep canyon cuts into the cliffs to the east. This canyon leads down to the Grapevine Springs. There are many 20 to 25 foot rock climbs, but they are relatively easy. The canyon is deep. Six miles brings you to the top of a 150 to 200 foot straight down cliff. You are at Grapevine Springs. If you do not enter the canyon at the start, but stay on the top of the cliffs, you can overlook the springs and the canyon. This is a fantastic hike, but you need to be in good shape, wear good hiking boots, carry a rope - and - HAVE PLENTY OF WATER! Watch out for snakes!! If you are quiet, (and lucky) you might find desert big horn sheep watching you over the cliff edge.

RINGBOLT - WHITE ROCK CANYON. Start at milepost 5 on highway 93. There are two hikes. To the right is Ringbolt - to the left is the hot springs area. Across the highway is White Rock Canyon. Ringbolt is only 2.7 miles to reach the Colorado River. There are interesting rock formations, gorges, and a great view of the river. Coming out is difficult since you are walking in sand and gravel.  

THE BARE SPOT. An interesting hike. In the 1960s some sort of plane crashed in this area causing an extremely hot fire (only now are the bushes and trees returning). Stories of UFOs abounded. It was probably an experimental plane from Groom Lake in Nevada since the Air Force did close off the area. The hike is from Diamond Bar Road to the south. Hike is 3 miles one way, through a recent Joshua tree burn. Do not try to drive directly to the site from the North since the road passes through posted "No Trespassing" property and the owner of the land carries a shotgun!

DRY FALLS. An 8 mile hike, one way, through Lost Cable Canyon, to the 150 foot rock fall on the Grand Wash Cliffs. there is no trail. It is long, but not that difficult. In back of the Falls are two deep canyons continuing at least a mile into the cliffs. Rock climbing and scaling requires the use of ropes. The view back to Meadview is great, the rocks are rather difficult.

CASTLE ROCK. From Shore Drive, the last road east in Meadview, you enter NPS 145. This is Grapevine Wash. There is no trail but you head beyond the wash and hike 6 miles one way to cliffs. The castle rock juts into the sky to the east. In one wash before you reach the rocky cliffs and the castle there is evidence of at least 3 Anasazi roasting pits. No trail, fairly easy hiking.

UP OR DOWN GRAND WASH CLIFFS. No trail. 6 miles from Grapevine Wash to base of the cliffs then up! The cliffs are 6000 feet while Meadview is approximately 3100 feet. Rock climbing and difficult hiking. You must be in good shape.

WHEELER RIDGE. Halfway down the 4 mile dirt road portion to Pearce Ferry, head to the left to the high ridge. This is a 7 mile hike, one way with many gullies, steep ridges, loose rock and dirt. The end of the hike is above God's Pocket on Lake Mead. A difficult hike, but the view is fantastic. You can boat to 1 mile below Wheeler Ridge and climb to the ridge.

     A Joshua Tree at night    

(Photo by Annie)

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