Fishin' & Boatin' on Lake Mead

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Boat ramp is open - handles 2 boats at a time.

launchramp  lanchramp2                                                                                 

    (Photos by Annie)

Construction at South Cove: Construction of launch ramp is ongoing and launching is fair !  4-Wheel Drive Highly Recommended !!

Water level is falling at present.....  Lake level is approximately 1086.  Click on  Lake Level  to see the current level.                  

While the fishing is generally good all year round, the best fishing on Lake Mead is in April, May and June. At this time the striped bass, and large and small mouth bass move out of deep water to shallow water areas that are better suited for spawning. They will feed on shad, minnows, blue gill and crawfish found off ledges, points and reefs.  

The best spots are where the warm water meets cool water. Work these areas well, trying several different spots if necessary. When a large striper strikes, he can run out a lot of line. Let the drag on your reel do the work. When he gets close to the boat he may put out a final strong effort to run again. Net him and the trophy is yours. Trolling, jigging, or bottom fishing with anchovies works well for this large predator of the deep. Large mouth and small mouth bass move into the shallower areas at this time of year to build their nests and prepare to spawn. Try to avoid casting a shadow in the clear shallow water. The shady side of rocks and the area around brush or dead trees are their favorite hiding places. Place your lure past the spot you wish to fish and slowly reel it in. Catfish  are caught on the bottom and most often at night.  Still fishing with either stink bait or worms seems to catch the most fish from the bank or your boat. Good sized blue gills  can be taken on small hooks or flies. Trout which were once common in Lake Mead, are getting harder to find because they are a delicacy of the Stripers.

Depending on the water level it was possible to go some 30 miles up the canyon from Pierce Ferry. However, the National Park Service has banned "Personal Water Craft" from going up the Grand Canyon. At present water level is too low to proceed.  For more information Click: NPS


linda fishpaul fishy

  Proud Fisherwoman (5 lbs - 18 1/2 in.)                 Mine is Bigger than your's 

blue heronBigBass               

   Mine's BIGGER than Both of you !!                Egreetta Caerulea (Blue Heron)

fishing lake meadfishing lake mead 1               

               A fun Day on the "Lake"                            Just showing off a bit...

(Photos by Annie)

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